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First Aid Certification: Certified First Aid Training

  /  First Aid Certification: Certified First Aid Training

Welcome to the NIFS First Aid Certification. NIFS is an ISO 2000 certified company that offers popular certifications suitable for students, professionals, job seekers and companies. See where NIFS Certified Professionals are working.

Taking this highly recognized certification is an excellent way for you to prove your professional prowess to employers while giving a boost to your resume.

The first aid courseware covers every important aspect of first aid and the certification test assesses the test takers knowledge of basic and advanced first aid and revival techniques. The certification test is based upon the courseware.

Practical First Aid Certificate

Syllabus for the FIRST AID

Importance and Principles of first aid –

  • Training in First Aid
  • General rules of First Aid – first aid against electric shock,
  • Wounds, Bleeding, Respiratory problems, Burns, Scalds, insect bites, etc.
  • Care of eyes, Nose, Throat, Teeth and skin related ailments and their treatment.

Duration: 2 days